Amount of grant approved (£) : 3,866

Year of grant : 2017

Vilongwa Primary School sits fifth in the Ivunza district league table, an excellent achievement for a remote lakeside school serving a poor catchment area. TDT funded the installation of solar power for one classroom. This will allow the older children to come back to school in the evening and study.

Additionally, TDT supplied a deep well to supply the children and a large school ‘shamba’ (a cultivated plot of land) with water. A water tank was also given to the nearby health clinic. Project Officer Kevin Curley visited the project: “I was struck by the enthusiasm and competence of the head teacher Peter Malongo. I saw the large shamba he is expanding so the sale of fruit can fund free ‘uji’ (porridge) for children mid-morning.”

The image to the right shows the teachers of Vilongwa Primary School in front of the school shamba.