Amount of grant approved (£) : 20,000

Total project funding (£) : 20,000

Year of grant : 2013,2014,2015

Funding Partner(s) : Hilden Charitable Fund

Project officer : Jonathan Pace

IKIMBA SCHOOLS PROJECT 2012-2015. The four rural Kagera Region schools in this project, named after Lake Ikimba round which the schools are grouped, are Tunamkumbuka, Rubale, Izimbya and Kibirizi. The project is now at the end of its third and final year of a three year programme to assist with raising attainment, supporting girls’ attendance and their commitment to their education and the schools’ approach to teaching and learning.

Through the generous funding provided again by the Hilden Charitable Fund (HCF) of £16,000 to which TDT added a further £4,000, all four schools continued their resourcing of core curriculum areas, especially the new science laboratories. The provision of science facilities was a key Tanzania Government target for all secondary schools during this year and the schools were pleased to show TDT visitors new science buildings funded by the Government and local communities and the science equipment and furniture which was purchased using a proportion of this year’s TDT funding.

As part of TDT’s overall campaign to support the education of girls the schools were supported to introduce a number of initiatives with the aim of encouraging girls to attend school including the provision of better hygiene facilities and resources. These included the renovation / conversion of existing old toilets with changing space, washing facilities and the regular supply of hygiene pads. Reflecting and supporting the increasing openness of discussion which is evident in the schools around girls needs, a training workshop was held on the introduction of girls’ clubs to empower girls to discuss and realise their aspirations for a better education and life beyond school.

Financial support was given to some basic and secure hostel accommodation for girls near the very remote Kibirizi School to enable them to study in the evenings with solar lights and avoid long journeys from their homes each day, especially during the examination preparation time.

Satellite broadband was installed in all four schools generously supported by Avanti UK with the USA Space Agency programme giving schools internet access with the many benefits of communication and educational resources on the world wide web.

Although the funding programme has now come to an end, TDT still aims to maintain contact and outcome visits with the schools to follow up on the initiatives and progress made. We thank again Hilden Charitable Fund for its generous and forward looking funding support for this programme along with our other smaller individual donors.

“We use this opportunity to appreciate you in person, TDT as well as HCF, for your great support to our school and the all community at large.  For your efforts and good heart we say thank you very much and may God bless everybody who helped on this. ”  Robert Kasaaju, Bursar, Tunamkumbuka School

More from Ikimba:

The following is an extract  from a report by Robert Kasaaju, Bursar at Tunamkumbuka School and whose words echo the expressions of thanks and encouragement which all the schools have offered us during our project officer visits. “We use this opportunity to appreciate you in person, TDT as well as HCF, for your great support to our school and the all community at largeFor your efforts and good heart we say thank you very much and may God bless everybody who helped on this. The whole community around Tunamkumbuka secondary school was very glad to have received the above donation. We are thankful for this great moral and financial support done by you all”.

The early focus of the projectwas the development of the library facilities and associated teaching and learning skills, use of text and reference books and improvement in levels of literacy through the broadening of reading matter available in the libraries.

During the second year all schools completed the conversions and renovations for the library establishment and the purchase of shelving, tables and seating and improvements to security on windows and doors. Text books and other resources purchased by the schools in year one now have proper display and access for students and staff with all schools using student librarians and cataloguing to ensure records and security of book use.

Izimbya School and Rubale School focused on completion of library facilities and some additional science and sports field improvements whilst Kibirizi School added books for the school library, sports gear equipment for Netball, Volleyball and Football and a solar powered computer laptop with a steel cabinet for secure storage. Tunamkumbuka used funds to set up a small computer room. This was opened with great celebration by Samia Khatun, Trustee of Hilden Charitable Fund which has generously agreed to fund the programme in conjunction with TDT.

One key criteria for the original aims of the project was to achieve improvement in attainment and we were pleased to receive examination results from retired DEO and ex Head teacher of Kibirizi, Bw Josiah Karwihula, which showed that for the first time a large number of girls achieved a pass in Grade IV examinations, affirming also an improvement in the girls’ commitment to school. This meant that for the first time girls were able to proceed into Form 5, the equivalent of our UK lower 6th. There was a similar overall small improvement in boys’ results.