Amount of grant approved (£) : 4,410

Year of grant : 2017

We first supported this very rural school in 2014 with a grant for science equipment and books. Students walk up to 10 km to get to school and they have been unable to retain any female staff due to the difficult living conditions.

The award of £1403 in May 2016 was to connect the school to mains electricity coincides with RARE (the rural electrification programme) being in the area which reduces the cost.

Due to the difficulty many of the girls were facing getting to school, TDT granted £3,007 in 2017 to help fund a girls hostel for about 30 students. This will help improve the girls performance and allow them to focus more whilst at school. The grant enabled the hostel to be equipped with bunk beds, latrines and a water tank.

Having electricity in the classrooms, girl’s hostel and staff houses means that students will be able to study during the evening without using harmful kerosene lamps and teachers will be able to charge their laptops and phones without climbing over the mountain which they do now. It is hoped that this will greatly improve the standard of education and help retain teachers in this remote school.