Amount of grant approved (£) : 5,290

Year of grant : 2020

Isanjandugu is a small village with 1,200 inhabitants in a very dry area 15 kilometres from Manyoni. Women draw water from a swamp in the wet season and walk 14 kilometres to find water in the dry season.  The District Executive Director for Manyoni told me that this community is one of the most in need of help to improve water supply.

Kevin Curley, Project Officer, reports: We awarded £5,290 to the village for the construction of a borehole following agreement that the Water Department would fit a pump. Sadly, when I visited in February 2020 the pump had not been fitted. I have pressed for action as has our representative Wilhard Titus.  The Water Department is no longer under the control of the local council which has made it less accountable to local people and their representatives. The pump will eventually be fitted and the water will flow but this project shows how difficult it can be to joint fund work with a central government agency.