Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,323

Year of grant : 2015

A grant has been requested so that the youth gardening group can purchase water pumps, pipes, other equipment, seeds, fertilisers, insecticide and a training opportunity. The object is to increase vegetable production as a means of increasing the incomes of 16 young women and 14 young men.  Training has been carried out and youths are now gardening on their plot.

Training has been carried out and youths are now gardening and using equipment to improve vegetable growing in the community. The purchase of three water pumps, knapsack sprayers, vegetable gardening equipment, seeds, fertilizer and protective clothing was approved by TDT late last year. Since then the group has purchased all the equipment, and received both classroom and practical training, in garden and pest and disease management. Reports from our LR Linus Buriani indicates more than 20 members attended the training, and they are now using their new skills to produce more vegetables. They are also starting to use their new water pumps as the dry season starts to make watering the large area more difficult.

5 acres of land have been allocated to the group by the village. A secure village store is available where a watchman is employed at night. Transport is available every day from the village to Masasi town where vegetables can be sold.