Amount of grant approved (£): 3257

Year of Grant: 2021

Now there is peace in our houses. Water is plenty, sweet, clean.

Maria Philemon, Mugoma resident

This project funding supported the protection of two springs in Mugoma village against erosion and water-borne diseases to ensure reliable and safe water supply. The project was carried out with the Kagera People Centred Development Foundation.

Mugoma village depends on spring-water for drinking water. However, these water sources were threatened by changing environment conditions caused by soil erosion, deforestation and intensified agricultural. This led to water scarcity in the area. Villagers had to travel further and the resulting water was often dirty and unsafe.

The Tanzania Development Trust provided funding to support the improvement of two local springs. Concrete was used to protect against soil erosion and taps were installed to ensure an even flow of water. The drainage area was washed both to increase the quality of the water and the water flow. Plants were cultivated around the springs to further protect against soil erosion and enhance water quality.

In addition, educational leaflets were distributed along with washing facilities to community centres. These efforts helped villagers understand and take practical steps to reduce the risk of water-borne diseases.

The project has had widespread economic, social and health benefits for Mugoma village. Women and children were able to reduce the time spent walking to and retrieving water from distant wells. 

Leah Justine Mikaga is 60 years old. She says that ”Water was very low especially during the dry season. Our children and grandchildren had to go to fetch water after coming from the school while tired for immediate domestic uses and extra /storage for the next day uses while they are at school. Water is plentiful now and children spend short time to collect water and return home”.

Maria Philemon, aged 30 years, reports that ”Before improvement of the springs, water flow was low, dirty and bitter. We experienced many problems. We had to wake up at 6.00 am to go to fetch water and returned home at 12.00 O’clock  because of the low water flow and long queues. Our husbands asked us where we were and complained very much. Now there is peace in our houses. Water is now plenty, sweet, clean for drinking, cooking, bathing and washing”.

72 years old Magdalene Mathias says ”I was often delayed to fetch water and fill my container due to a low water flow and a long line. Children were beaten for delaying to fetch water. Fetching water now is free anytime and convenient. Water flow fast, containers are filled quickly, water is sweet and children are no longer beaten”.

Maria Philemon
Magdalene Mathias
Leah Justice Mikaga