Amount of grant approved (£) : 3,662

Year of grant : 2013

In Kigoma region, people have little choice but to depend on agriculture for a living, and the dry season often results in families going hungry. Young people in particular often struggle – many of them forced to migrate to urban areas to seek work.

Since 2014, TDT has been supporting the Kasulu Youth Development Project (KAYD) to empower disadvantaged young people through skills-training, so they can set up their own small businesses and earn an income.

Trainees are busy in courses including welding, woodwork, construction and tailoring. Cleverly, the income from selling items made by the trainees (including door and window frames, chairs, tables and school uniforms), is reinvested and has allowed the project to quickly expand.

More from KAYD:

Kasulu Youth Development (KAYD) Makere Vocational Training Centre (VTC), Makere, Kasulu District. KAYD’s vision is to support disadvantaged youth in skills training, thus allowing them to be employed or set up their own small businesses, rather than possibly being tempted to move to urban centres, and away from their communities and families. KAYD are now in the 2nd year of offering training courses in welding, woodwork, construction and tailoring. Several students who completed the course last year have already established small businesses, providing them with income. Although the VTC got off to a good start last year, enrolment of students was hindered due to lack of accommodation, and only attracted students who lived close to Makere. This year, TDT’s financial support has given KAYD the opportunity to build dormitories for both girls and boys, provide a rainwater catchment tank, buy materials to make beds, solar lighting and provide fire extinguishers. Already, having these new facilities has seen enrolment nearly double. They are attracting students from further afield who previously were unable to attend due to the high cost of accommodation. Also due to the generosity of funding from David Anderson Africa Trust (DAAT), 4 trainers are having their salaries paid for 2014. This is enabling KAYD to use its income to buy new tools and equipment, and to establish the VTC without the pressure of having to provide salaries. KAYD was visited last year by both Kevin Curley and Phil Grant, and both were extremely impressed by the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication shown by its staff to support young people in this very rural area of Tanzania. KAYD report and update me regularly with their progress, and are constantly thanking TDT/DAAT for their continuing support as this quote from Chairman, Mr. Rulakizuye displays. “Myself I have no another word which I can use and showing you that I am/ we are expressing our unique thanks for your continued support, but only just to say ”THANK YOU VERY MUCH, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”