Amount of grant approved (£) : 5,000

Year of grant : 2016

Kikukwe Village Dispensary is a long standing project of TDT.  TDT funded the construction of the Dispensary, and TDT partners have paid for water harvesting and electricity connection.

The dispensary is busy saving the lives of children, pregnant mothers, and the community at large. However they have an urgent need for staff housing, which will help ensure that this invaluable dispensary can continue to serve its community.

The dispensary has been operating without constructing the staff houses which is a pre-requisite for a public dispensary.

TDT has been asked by The District Executive Director’s office to help build the house.  TDT would finance it up to the lintel stage, with local community contributions in masonry and labour,  and  the DED’s office woudl take over from there. The District Engineer is fully involved as has provided the plans and BOQ.