Amount of grant approved (£) : 5,679

Year of grant : 2018

When I visited Kinyika, a village 7 miles from Manyoni, in February 2018, I met a large group of leaders and local people. They told me that their top development priority was to solve their water problem. With their nearest source of water 4 miles away they wanted our support to dig a new borehole by hand. We granted £3039 for this purpose. A few weeks later they rethought their plan, with advice from the district water engineer, and decided it would be better to connect their village by pipes to a large machine driven water pump 4 miles away. This would give them a much bigger supply and guarantee the availability of treated water every day.  We backed them with a further grant of £5,000. As we go to press pipes are being laid by the villagers themselves. The village council and the district council have both contributed to the cost of this scheme. It’s fair to say that our funding of £8039 has enabled the delivery of clean water to more than 4,000 people.

In the words of our local representative, Wilhard Titus, as the work was finished:

Today they tested a pump and the water was enough to flood Kinyika village, people were crying for joy, never believed it would happen in Kinyika. Bad enough I wasn’t there with my phone. Diwani promise that on a day they officially open it I will be there so I will take enough photos.

It only remains to do the purchasing and installation of water tanks to the area chosen to be the water point. Hopefully this project will be over within these two coming weeks.

We have nothing to say to you and TDT rather than THANK YOU SO MUCH.