Amount of grant approved (£) : 12,111

Year of grant : 2018

Following on from visits to Marumba village, Nanyumbu District, Mtwara by TDT and EucanAid representatives last year TDT and EucanAid helped fund two further projects in the second 3 year  joint programme of projects at the village. Firstly, a beekeeping project. This involved the training of 30 local bee keepers and was supported by the Tanzania Forest Agency and the Local Government Authority promoting bee keeping in community reserves. Two training days were completed and  62  out of 90 hives constructed by February 2019.

The project is being monitored by Linus, the TDT representative, who has experience of bee hive projects in Lindi region  and who has confirmed that these have already started to be hung in the trees. David Gibbons a Project officer for TDT will be visiting in August 2019 to be able to evaluate the progress being made in this.

Secondly TDT and EucanAid have jointly funded the building of a Maternity Ward at Marumba Dispensary as well as Staff Toilets at the  Primary School. Excellent progress has been made in the building of this and it is planned that David Gibbons will be going to the official opening of the unit in August 2019.  The photo shows the maternity unit building well underway towards completion.

The total grant for all these projects was £12,111 with 40% from TDT and 60% from EucanAid. We greatly appreciate also the additional support for the TDT funding from Africa Palms Trust.