Amount of grant approved (£) : 5,646

Year of grant : 2018

We are now in the fourth year of our Marumba development programme, funded jointly with Eucanaid, a charity financed with donations from EU civil servants. Marumba is a village about 20k from the Mozambique border, 70k west of Masasi town. This year we enabled the Marumba primary school to install solar power in classrooms, offices, toilets and all five staff houses on the school site. Students in the national examination years can now return to school after dark for evening studies. Teachers enjoy a better standard of living with home electricity, a motivator in this remote village. The school now serves as a community resource in the evenings for meetings and social activities.

We also funded a project to plant several thousand fruit trees and flowering bushes in the village, with lots of participation by school children and villagers.

Each Marumba project is funded 60% by Eucanaid and 40% by us, with support from Africa Palms.