Amount of grant approved (£) : 800

Year of grant : 2016

Masekelo Secondary School is a very successful school in urban Shinyanga. Jonathan Pace visited the school in August 2015 with local representative William Shayo to discuss the need for a water supply to the school from a nearby urban pipeline. Following the project officer visit and an initial application to TDT, the Headteacher, Mwalimu Steve Mihambo, achieved a reduction in the original quotation from the Urban water authorities by obtaining local community labour for trenching work from the main pipeline 1.5 kms down the road. This reduced the cost down from under half the original application to just under £3,000. This project will improve the sanitary conditions, especially for girls, provide healthy drinking water and further support staff retention, essential on health grounds. One main tap will be provided initially but the school plans to increase the supply round the school as soon as possible.

The fresh water was already flowing by July 2016.