Amount of grant approved (£) : 6,600

Year of grant : 2016

Misechela village, with estimated population of 1508, is situated about 30km south-west of Masasi. There is no reliable supply of clean and safe water. This causes a variety of problems: Primary school attendance is poor between August to December due to lack of water. Parents move with their children to find water. Report from the Ward Dispensary show that, in every week, three to four patients from Misechela village are diagnosed with diseases caused by unsafe water use. This project kindly funded for TDT by the African Palms Association is similar to the nearby Miungo water project and will bring clean water to Misechela via pipes from the same source. Local villagers will dig the necessary trenches for the pipes and this grant will pay for up to 7km of pipeline and standpoints for water. The full grant has been paid and the project is under way.

This project from Misechela village is to support the completion of Misechela pipeline water project. This grant would provide part of the funds needed to purchase water coil pipes and its fittings. Misechela village is among of the many villages in Masasi district which is faced with lack of accessing to safe water. To solve the problem, the villagers together with their MP have tried to solve the problem by starting a project of connecting water pipeline from nearby distribution tank at Chiungutwa village about seven kilometres’ away. Upon completion, the project expects to provide about 1508 villagers at Misechela village and more at nearby villages with clean and safe water.