Amount of grant approved (£) : 2,020

Year of grant : 2020

Mindful Youth Shaping (MIYOSHA) is an NGO that aims to tackle the needs of young people aged 15 to 30. The TDT grant is to enable them to buy tailoring and fumigation equipment. MIYOSHA’s approach is holistic and includes health education, welfare support, basic education (where needed), a wide range of constructive recreational activities, vocational training and the development of employment opportunities. They particularly target young people with some sort of disadvantage e.g. those from poor areas or those with low educational attainment. Most of their experience has been in Dar es Salaam, but they have recently started to operate in Mtwara Region. A number of young people have been trained and started work in both these types of work. The development of the project has recently been hindered by government restrictions on assembly during the COVID crisis, however the project has shown it flexibility, by starting to produce masks.