Amount of grant approved (£) : 605

Year of grant : 2017

Previously with a grant of £6000 TDT had helped refurbish and complete the girls hostel at Ngasamo Secondary School, complete the toilet block for the girls, establish the construction of a simple kitchen, and buy and connect a 5,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank. This resulted in at least 30+ girls using the hostel who would otherwise have been living in vulnerable situations in nearby villages.

The photo shows the electricity connection, also showing water tank and toilet block in the background, and makeshift kitchen on the right.

This request was for a further £562 to complete the internal wiring of the building and to connect it up to the main line. This would help with security for the girls, avoid them needing to use polluting and harmful kerosene lights as well as help them in their revision and evening school work for their exams.

Impact: The switching on event was marked with real approval by the parents of the girls who were now keen to send their girls to it. It also helped Form 1 and 3 girls to revise for their exams. The hostel was further visited by Julian Marcus in January 2017 and a fire extinguisher provided. Furthermore, together with excellent effort and collaboration with Ezekiel Kassanga the local representative in the area, the DED and local MP Mr Ralph Chegeni also fulfilled their promise to provide beds and mattresses for the girls early in 2017.