Amount of grant approved (£) : £6,000

Year of grant : 2015

Ngasamo Secondary school: Simiyu Region; In January 2015 TDT provided a grant of £6000 to fund the completion of a girls hostel to benefit girls presently staying in villagers homes which is interfering with their studies and risking drop out and early pregnancies. Through continuous monitoring by TDT local representative Ezekiel Kassanga and TDT staff this has led to the opening of the hostel and its use by 30 girls in 2016. There is evidence that this is already benefiting their results.

TDT continues to actively work together with the school, the parents of the girls and district officials to ensure that the quality of life for the girls continues to improve. Further to the initial completion of the hostel, the initial grant was used to complete the toilet block , a simple kitchen and also to install one 5000 litre rainwater harvesting water tank. A second application for electricity and a fence was received and TDT was able to approve and fund the electricity connection which is also now completed . TDT continues to liaise with District Council concerning the fence.