Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,635

Year of grant : 2015

The Organisation for People Empowerment (OPE) is the NGO run by TDT’s LR for Shinyanga, William Shayo. It was OPE which helped establish 311 Maganzo Vocational Training Centre which is run by an excellent local committee. This project intends to benefit a total of 20 vulnerable children attending vocational skills training at Maganzo and 16 other Vulnerable children attending secondary schools in Shinyanga annually. The grant is being used for the construction of a chicken house/shed, buying chickens, feeding equipment, training OPE volunteers on poultry management, vaccination and veterinary consultation services. The main leader of the project will be Mama Pendo. The poultry unit is in successful operation and producing income to support students at the Maganzo VTC.