This is a project in which we have worked with our sister charity READ International to refurbish and equip a libraries in schools in Mtwara region. The first tranche of funding(£2,000) was agreed in January 2015 for Madimba Secondary School.The school is a new one and had only 20 books for students. Our partner provided volunteers and sponsorship to redevelop a large room as a library and our grant was then used to provide sufficient books to meet the students educational needs. The library was completed in March and looks very stimulating with its full bookshelves. A second grant of £2,000 for Mtapieka Secondary school (a day school with 262 pupils) was agreed in September 2015. Once again READ provided the materials and volunteers and our grant was used to buy books. The transformation of an empty room into a fully functioning school library is impressive.

READ International is a long term partner, they have asked TDT to fund books for secondary school libraries which they are refurbishing.