Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,240

Year of grant : 2015

This project will support three beekeeping groups in Bukoba district, Kagera. These groups have experience in beekeeping using traditional hives, but want to improve yields and sustainability by upgrading to topbar hives, a simple and inexpensive alternative to conventional hives. They will be hung in trees near sources of water.

Each group will be provided with 15 topbar hives, made locally, as well as planting a tree nursery to improve bee habitat. The aim is to help the groups improve their incomes through selling honey and wax. The District Beekeeping Officer is involved in advising on the project.

This project aims to help 50 rural beekeepers to move from traditional hives to modern equipment. In addition to hives, there will be training, provision of protective equipment, harvesting equipment and packaging products. The project also aims to establish a tree nursery in order to distribute bee friendly trees. They intend to visit Kikukwe village to learn from the beekeeping project which was funded by TDT many years ago.