Amount of grant approved (£) : 996

Year of grant : 2015

Mlanzi village is about 45km north east of Kibiti in Pwani Region. An enthusiastic group of men and women have built two well constructed poultry houses, which are occupied by broilers and layers. Supervised by a local NGO they sourced vaccinated improved chicks from Dar es Salaam together with equipment and training. This village was chosen out of five that applied as they showed the most organisation, enthusiasm and had already invested a lot themselves in the project. A mixture of layers and broilers will allow income to be generated from sales of both eggs and meat. The birds look healthy and we await more detailed results of benefits provided to the village.

Mlanzi Village have already built a substantial poultry house and are planning to build a second, so they have separate housing for layers and broilers.

The communities of Rufiji face a number of challenges especially low income and illiteracy. Most of the families in Rufiji District living in poor conditions with local house built of grasses, lack of adequate food, inability to pay educational costs for their children, health costs and other domestic costs. This project will enable the people of Mlanzi village to raise their income. This is possible through gaining skills in poultry farming and being supplied with the chicks to start the project.