Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,323

Year of grant : 2016

Rhobi Samwelly  reports: “I would like to give special thanks to DAAT for agreeing to support 3 women to attend the training at Nairobi Corat, I say thank you very much. 3 women came back after completing their training, they were very motivated with this training. They have come up with their action plan on how to use the skills gained to educate other people and women from the Union and in the villages. A total number of 56 Union members attended the training in the Safe House. 3 women and other 6 members are continuing to visit villages and train women groups on leadership skills and Gender Based Violence issues starting with 10 villages. To date 6 women groups in the 6 villages received the training. A total of 319 women were reached.”