Amount of grant approved (£) : 500

Year of grant : 2015

The aim is to sponsor an annual short story competition, open to all of the secondary schools that TDT has funded. The first level of judging would be done by the schools, in selecting stories from 2 boys and 2 girls to be sent to the UK. Authors of these entries would each receive a prize of a solar light (£6). Then a panel of TDT members would judge all of the entries and then further prizes given to students and their schools. TDT would then create a booklet out of the entries which we would attempt to sell to raise money.

TDT supports this idea because it encourages the students within the schools we support to be creative and write in English. By writing about life in Tanzania, they help us understand more about our beneficiaries. The prizes are for items that TDT would consider funding for schools, so it continues our relationship with the schools in a fun way.