Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,225

Year of grant : 2015

The project is supporting a group of people living with HIV/AIDS in Kabila Village about 45 minutes drive from Tabora town. The Chairman, Mr Dotto Kishiwa, is an experienced beekeeper and has formed the group to start this income generating project. The topbar hives will be made locally, providing good work for local fundi as well as keeping the costs down. In addition to the hives, protective clothing and equipment will be provided. Income generated will help pay for the trips that the members have to make each month to pick up their free anti-retro viral drugs. The honey produced should also improve the nutritional health of the members and improve their self-esteem. The aim is to have the hives deployed in time for the start of the beekeeping season in October.

In August 2015 Jonathan Pace was pleased to find bee hives all installed in trees. The bees were thought to be in residence and the team are awaiting possible harvest in October. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and positive visit. Inevitably they want more hives in other locations but any such application should be kept on hold until proof of harvesting, sales and sustainability etc is received.