The Voice of Marginalized Community (TVMC) is a youth voluntary non-governmental, nonpartisan and non-profit making organization. It started working in 2008 as a group of youth volunteers with its vision, mission and goals geared towards creating a society that recognizes, observes and respects the rights of children and women in the country. In January 2012, a group was then registered as Community Based Organization (CBO) called “Association of Marginalized Community (AMC)” working to cover Shinyanga Municipal. On 16th of December 2014, the Organization changed its name to “The Voice of Marginalized Community” and registration status from CBO to NGO and was registered by the Ministry of Community Development, gender and Children under the NGOs Act No. 24 of 2002 section 12 (2) and issued a Registration No. 00NGO/00007682. TVMC contracted by TDT to implement the project of tailoring to adolescent girls at Usanda ward since December 2021, and the project started with the orientation to local government authorities. In order to clarify the nature of the project and their targeted group.

STEP 1: Preparing and Renovation stage for the resource Centre. The preparation of resource center conducted at Usanda ward for the TVMC contribution. This was to show up the environment in clear and quality. The renovation took place for three days. While the process of to start the implementation was highly encouraged from the students who are already identified and qualified to join the center. The aim of renovating this house is to brand the resource center and help people to know more about the center and their objectives which will intend to allow their children to join the center and to communicate with different client for accessing tender of sewing. Also through renovating this center we achieved to be known and connected to financial institution for example CRDB contacted and visited us for the purpose of learning about what we do, and in which way they will cooperate and work with this tailoring resource center. Government institution looking to share support of vulnerable girls in order to help them in achieving knowledge of tailoring through our center because they have many vulnerable girls who failed to continue with secondary school due to child marriage and early pregnancies.

STEP 2: Introductory meeting to Usanda ward development committees (WDC). The activity conducted at the venue of Usanda primary school, 42 participants were reached during the introduction meeting. The participants agreed to receive the project and to be cooperative when there is a need to support from them. The Tailoring project was introduced by Mr. Musa Jonas a director of TVMC organization and to thanks Tanzania Development Trust (TDT) for the support of (seven million) 7,000,000/= that will be used to support adolescent girls who’s a victims of child marriage and early pregnancies in generating income which can help them to run their families.

In the first phase, the project has supported the identified 10 girls from different area of usanda ward as a targeted group. The project planned to start December 2021 whereby the organization has provided a place as a special office for the girls to run tailoring business and to support each other. Not only that the project has a plan to link girls with entrepreneurship personnel, business people and other institution in order to create a conducive environment of tendering. 

The pictures below show the tailors’ students wearing one of the work they sewed after being awarded a tender from Bonga Security Company and completing it on time. They are promised to being offered another work from a different company.

STEP 3: Start the business of tailoring center. The project stated to operate under TVMC since December 2021 as a resource center for girls to generate income for their own needs. Until now they are producing clothes and sell to people living at Usanda ward with affordable price, they are receiving tender from different company for sewing clothes, for example in February they received one tender from Bonga security company of sewing security uniform, They produce and sell welding clothes, school uniforms both primary and secondary, and other clothes depending on people needs in individual aspects. In the period of January to March 2022 they achieved to provide service to 20 Students, 1 Security company, 30 from individual people.


  1. Low profile of managing conflict and how to maintain client;- our people have this especially in the period of attending client when there is observation of a little mistake in the clothes after sewing being completed. Although they are advised to be humble when they are attending client but there is a need of providing knowledge and skills of attending clients and conflict resolution.
  2. Large number of girls need to join our center; – in usanda ward there is a large number of girls completed primary and secondary school and lives without job. Since we established the center till now we have 324 application of girls who want to join the tailoring resource center out of 1400 reported as a jobless girls lives in usanda ward, although our capacity is to serve 10 girls but we are in deep discussion between TVMC and Local Government Authority to see how they can helped.   
  3. In adequate of Machines e.g. overclock and zigzag machines. Before we planned to have only tailoring machines and after having those machine we observed that we lack overclock and zigzag Machine whereby for now we regarded to find neighbor who have those machines and we pay 1000 hundred per each clothes in order to get a service of overclock and zigzag. We are planning to have those two machines in order to minimize costs and movement of going to neighbor.


  1. Lack of enough area and land; – the area whereby office located is not conducive, it is too small than the number of girls who are in that room. Our plan is to have a biggest room as a class which will accommodate a large number of girls and to achieve their needs through tailoring activities. We requested land for free of charge from usanda ward development committee (WDC) to establish our own buildings in order to maintain our center and to provide a way of working in good environment as an a sustainable strategy.
  2. In adequate of teachers; – The center has one teachers who train 10 girls and ensure that girls are accessing knowledge of tailoring based in three month and more, the situation takes more time and effort of teacher to rotate for each girl (students) during learning session, and also it takes more time for girl to understand and capture the skills. 
  3. In adequate of awareness in in the area surrounding project at usanda ward. There is a need of awareness creation in community in order to help people to get a full information about tailoring resource center and encourage community to support their girls in accessing many clients and income generating for their own benefits.   
  4. Lack of business strategy knowledge; – we observed that the center need qualified people who will facilitate and disseminate the knowledge of business strategy. The knowledge will help center to client and access many people surrounding the project area and out of project area.


The Tailoring project is the only project in Usanda ward which can solve the issues of child marriage and early pregnancies by supporting girls in tailoring knowledge and skills and generating their income as a support of those girls to reach their goal.

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