Amount of grant approved (£) : 1058

Year of grant : 2015

Twetegereze is the name chosen by a group of 22 subsistence farmers in the village of Nyakayanja, about 30 kilometres from Kayanga town in the hills of Karagwe District, close to the Burundi border. They have been using traditional beehives for four years and applied to Tanzania Development Trust for a grant so that they can buy modern top bar hives and start a tree nursery. In this way they hope to increase their incomes so that they can meet the cost of schooling for their children.

Kevin Curley met them in April 2015 and was impressed by their enthusiasm and good organisational skills.  He will revisit in February 2016. Kevin writes: We awarded a grant of £1058 to this group in 2015 for the purchase of 50 bee hives and the establishment of a tree nursery. I met Emmanuel Magoka (M/kiti) Milton Katesigwa (Katibu) and 7 members. The hives have been bought. Some have been hung in trees and 27 are ‘stacked’ in a small banda. 30 of the 50 are occupied. Lots of flowering trees will be planted after the rains begin. There has been no honey harvest yet. I will contact the group later this year to find out about the honey harvest and how it compares to their use of traditional hives.