Amount of grant approved (£) : 450

Year of grant : 2017

Grant to create a Street Library. Steve Scorer writes: With the grant, we bought 160 Kiswahili reading books with some reference books. These are in 2 boxes that we had made by the fundi round the corner. We (and some children) painted them and sorted the books into easy, medium and more challenging and colour coded the books and have different sections in the boxes. They are essentially aimed at Primary students but it is good to see adults reading them too. After a lot of thought about deposits and joining fees etc. I decided to make it free. It is wonderful to see how popular the library is and to see the children really enjoying reading for pleasure. There were 48 members in the first 2 days and more are finding out by word of mouth. They can all read but there are very few, if any, books in schools. Thanks again. Steve