Amount of grant approved (£) : 450

Year of grant : 2017

With the grant, we bought 160 Kiswahili reading books with some reference books. These are in 2 boxes that we had made by the fundi round the corner. We (and some children) painted them and sorted the books into easy, medium and more challenging and colour coded the books and have different sections in the boxes. They are essentially aimed at Primary students but it is good to see adults reading them too. After a lot of thought about deposits and joining fees etc. I decided to make it free. It is wonderful to see how popular the library is and to see the children really enjoying reading for pleasure. There were 48 members in the first 2 days and more are finding out by word of mouth. They can all read but there are very few, if any, books in schools. Thanks again.

Steve Scorer

The aim of this project is to support the opportunities of children in Lindi district and let them experience that reading is fun.

Working on improvement of education is challenging: in schools there is no reading culture; there are hardly any books; children do not read and certainly not for fun.

Moreover, children in Tanzania are taught in Kiswahili and from Standard 4 on also in English. Nevertheless, many children have no access to secondary schools or perform poorly there especially because their English is weak.

With a local group (district officers, Equip staff and local library staff) we are working with a number of primary schools to set up a book carousel. A large number of books has been brought form Holland into the region and distributed over the schools.

Starting from July 2017 all participating schools will stage a changeover session at least once a week, where children can return previously borrowed books and can choose a new one.

In the 10 participating schools in the Lindi Municipal district there are approximately 350 children. This will give more than 3500 children a chance to read fiction books in English at their own reading level. By half yearly bi-annual (June and December) changing the collection of children’s reading books, children have at least 4 years of reading pleasure.

Looking at the aimed project time of four years thus 14.000 children can profit, enjoy reading and profit from increasing their level in English levels.

This project is a success: all participants performed their tasks with enthusiasm and on time! We have seen and felt the eagerness of the children. They know reading is fun and will benefit from the opportunity this project offers to grow their reading skills.