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We regularly hold events, often with our sister organisation, Britain Tanzania Society and our mapping project Crowd2Map.

The are free to register via Eventbrite and are held over Zoom. We also record the events, so if you are unable to attend one, just have a look for the event below where we’ll post the session!

If you ever have any ideas for future events, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Upcoming Events

Past Events

State of Map Tanzania - 20/01/23

State of the Map Tanzania is a national conference that celebrates the culture of open mapping, open data, GIS and its impact across East Africa.

Bridging the Digital Divide the Digital Divide in Tanzania: What is Working – 17/02/23

A range of experts discussed the implications for Tanzania with the author, Sone OsakweAiming to support wider government efforts by investigating the drivers of digitalisation in Tanzania, investments and policy enablers, gaps and ecosystem challenges, reasons for blockers to faster digitalisation, existing strengths that can be harnessed, and opportunities for value creation in the digital economy.