EuCanAid/TDT Joint project update March 2020.

Assisted with funding also from Africa Palms

This joint development project between TDT/EU Can Aid and Marumba village, near the Mozambique border in Mtwara region, started in 2018 and has already delivered 2 new classrooms with solar panels, a borehole with pump and plentiful water, dispensary support with solar power and fridge, a tree planting scheme and bee keeping income generation project, and a new maternity ward, all overseen by TDT local representative Linus Buriani.

Update on 3 recent developments:

The bees are coming to the hives! The beekeeping group having moved 89 of the 90 hives from the forest to being closer to the river, because only 1 had honey in it.  Now 50 of the hives have bees in them. The beekeeping group are proudly showing off their new equipment in the photo below. The next stage is to consolidate the link with an experienced Beekeeper from the Forest Authority, to develop the beekeepers’ marketing and harvesting skills.


The kindergarten classroom is finished to budget. Following the success of the Primary school classrooms, and solar project, which are now being used by local Primary schools as they prepare for Standard 7 exams, the Marumba project has also responded to a request for a Kindergarten attachment to the school.   It was completed at a cost of £2,500 – an excellent result.


The Primary school has received delivery of solar panels.  After installation of the solar panels and electrical fixings needed, the school has taken delivery of a photocopier, printer and lap top.  The budget includes training for teachers and local ward officials to use them, which will follow.  This equipment will help particularly in the keeping of school records and the printing of exam papers.