Feeding Hungry Students this World Children's Day

As part of our work with our local representatives, many of our projects centre around children – their rights, their education, their health… Whether it’s getting water to communities to ensure children don’t have to walk 5 kilometres to the nearest stream, getting girls into hostels to ensure they are safe and have a proper education, we know that as part of empowering our communities we need to empower our children…after all, they are our future.

This is something that Mboni ya Vijana (MVG) truly believes. Their name translates to “Eyes of the Youth”, and it is something that you can truly see throughout their work, asking “What world do you want for your youth?” 

Benedicto with students.

Mboni ya Vijana is a grasroots community non-profit organisation set up by our Kigoma representative Benedicto Hosea. They work on various projects, including lifting their communities out of extreme poverty and hunger.

The climate crisis* is impacting the most vulnerable communities the most – like those such as Zeze when MVG is based. Zeze, for instance, is a community that relies on agriculture, but as land degrades, water becomes more scarce, desertification takes place, the land struggles to grown crops. This leads to less food to sell and eat, meaning more poverty and more hunger. 

But MVG are taking action.

*If you’re interested in finding out more about the impacts of climate change and of Cop26 for Tanzania, you can join us for a free online event on Saturday 27th November!

Are you ready to be a Food Hero?

From 15th November until 15th December, Mboni ya Vijana are fundraising to plant school gardens to feed their hungry students. Many students still have to go a day without a proper meal to eat. Such continuous effects of food deprivation can (and do) cause impaired mental and physical development, and stunting of growth.

We all want our children to have the best start to life – good memories, good health, a good education… But to begin with, they need enough nutritious food to keep them strong and healthy.

The gardens will include fruits and vegetables as well as crops such as maize and cassava to create nutritious meals for the students at school. They help to tend to the gardens themselves (and thoroughly enjoy doing so!), and love eating the food that they have grown themselves.

If you can, please help Mboni ya Vijana reach their $600 target (or beyond to reach even more students if you’re feeling particularly generous!) by donating and sharing their fundraising project.

Thank you/Asante sana.