Rhobi Samwelly Selected for the Marianne Human Rights Defenders Award!

We are incredibly proud to announce that our local representative for Mara, and founder for Hope for Girls and Women has been selected by France’s President Macron for the prestigious Marianne Human Rights Defenders Award!

On Human Rights day in December 2021, President Macron implemented a new initiative aimed at strengthening action to support those that are defending vital human rights across the world.  

It is through the initiative’s “International Pillar” that supports those that are on the ground thar are committed to defending fundamental human rights and civil liberties.

Rhobi’s personal experience of being forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child inspired her lifelong commitment to fight for the rights of girls and women. She founded Hope for Girls and Women in 2017 and continues to do amazing work to keep girls safe and educate people on the FGM. 

Rhobi truly deserves this honour for her amazing work, and we are very excited to see what lies ahead for her travels to Paris, France and the awards ceremony. 

Keep up-to-date with us and Hope for Girls and Women over the next few months to follow Rhobi’s updates!