Map Tanzania to help protect girls from FGM for International Women's Day

Learn about how tools like OpenStreetMap can help protect vulnerable girls in Tanzania and how you can help.

This interactive session will start with short presentations about how OpenStreetMap and other open source tools can help protect vulnerable girls in Tanzania and beyond from Crowd2Map Tanzania Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania and Tumaini Open School.

This will be followed by a practical session in which participants will be taught how to contribute to the OpenStreetMap base map in Tanzania. No prior knowledge will be assumed and all training given.

Crowd2Map have mobilised over 17,000 online volunteers to add over 6 million buildings to OSM in Tanzania the last 6 years. Activists fighting Female Genital Mutilation in Tanzania estimate these maps have helped protect over 3000 girls from being cut. Tumaini is setting up an Open School in Tabora to ensure that girls excluded from education due to pregnancy get a second chance at an education.

If you missed, it recording and slides are here!

Tues 8th March 2022

17:00 – 19:00 BST