How PlantVillage helps Tanzanian farmers adapt to climate change

Meeting about how PlantVillage are using artificial intelligence to detect pests affecting crops and improve advice to Tanzanian farmers.

PlantVillage has developed a triple A model (Algorithmic Agricultural Advice) that works to increase the yield and profitability for millions of farmers. It is our goal to reach hundreds of millions in partnership with an ecosystem of farmer facing organizations and the farmers themselves. Our algorithms come from our integration of AI, satellite technology and our unique field force (the Dream Team). Once a farmer inputs 3 critical details (crop type, location, planting date) the algorithms within the PlantVillage engine can send out advice via smartphone, SMS, TV or real world social networks.

This has been working very successfully in Kenya and is now operating in the Mara and Kigoma regions of Tanzania.

We have heard from founder David Hughes on the thinking and partnerships between PlantVillage, its impact and plans for the future, plus from Benedicto Hosea, from Mboni ya Vijana, local partner in Kigoma, and other members of the team.

To find out more and have access to the slides, click here.

Here you will find the recording of the meeting.

Tue, 7 June 2022

18:00 – 19:30 CEST