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Interested in Tanzania? Attend the AGM of the Tanzania Development Trust to find out about our work in Tanzania.

About this event

Janet Chapman presents TDT’s Annual Report and talks about the mapping project Crowd2Map and the upcoming State of the Map Tanzania 

Our local rep for Mara, Rhobi Samwelly, talks about her NGO fighting FGM, Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania, and her role with the National Council for NGOs. LR for Kigoma, Benedicto Hosea talks about our water project and link with PlantVillage and his organisation Mboni ya Vijana, and LR for Tabora Ezekiel Kassanga about his open school for girls excluded by pregnancy. Ngailla Alpha, LR for Kagera talks about Ikondo School’s school partnership with Clayesmore School.

Martin Rainsworth from PIXL talks about his school improvement project.

To watch a recording of the event, click here

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Sat, 15 October 2022

16:00 – 18:00 BST