New Project Chosen for EuCanAid/TDT Joint Funding: Integrated Programme For Sustaining Mdughuyu Village in Singida

Following the successful seven-year roll-out of a series of projects in Marumba village in Tanzania’s Mtwara region an exciting new development project has recently been selected for joint funding with EuCanAid.

Ntuntu Orphans and Disabled People Organisation’s ‘Integrated Programme for Sustaining Mdughuyu Village’, will implement vital infrastructure in Mdughuyu Village, zeroing-in on some of the core challenges facing the local community, such as insufficient WASH facilities and the construction of a much-needed healthcare centre.
As one of the poorest and most remote villages in Tanzania’s Singida region, Mdughuyu Village faces a multitude of challenges, from sporadic rainfall, due to its position in the arid Rift Valley, to illiteracy rates of 43%. Meanwhile, a principal reliance on agricultural production means that 96% of the village’s 3,224 inhabitants, live on just under 1.05 US$ dollars a day. Accordingly, at a recent community discussion organised by our rep Hamza from NODIP in June which involved the Village Executive Officer, District Officials and the community; villagers were given the chance to voice their concerns, giving rise to the ‘Integrated Programme for Sustaining Mdughuyu Village’ (IPSMV).

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