About this event


For the launch event of Inspiring Girls Tanzania on International Womens Day we heard from three inspiring Tanzanian women about their career journeys, packed with advice for girls thinking about their career choices.

First is Rhobi Samwelly, an FGM survivor and activist and director of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania who will talk about her journey from a small village in Butiama to talking at the United Nations in New York, and receiving an award from French President Macron.

Next is lawyer and activist Rebeca Gyumi, winner of the UN Human Rights prize. Rebeca successfully challenged the Tanzanian marriage act in 2016.

Finally we’ll hear from Catherine R. Kimambo, the Founder and Executive Director of African Child Projects, an NGO that helps connect rural Tanzanian schools to the internet. Catherine is also a blogger and a storyteller on how the Internet is changing narratives in rural Tanzania, where she shares transformative stories on Internet4good.

This is the first of our series of monthly webinars . 

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