This is an ongoing project using the method of constructing low cost boreholes and rope pumps perfected by our local representative Benedicto Hosea from Mboni Ya Vijana Group (MVG).  We have a long list of villages and schools needing these locally made pumps and you can help us reach more people by donating to this project!

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Mboni ya Vijana Group found Zeze and Kasulu as a whole facing droughts and poor access to clean and safe water for domestic and production use. Streams and ponds at Zeze and neighbouring places in Kigoma region are drying, leading to desertification, as the result of climate change leading to greater challenges getting water. Lack of water can then lead to reduced crops as they die, and widespread hunger. For people whose access to water is already precarious, this is life threatening, and places like Zeze – and throughout Tanzania – now face critical food security. 

Many people were forced to get their water from a dirty pond shared with animals. But through our determination we’ve created projects to provide water back to the community, through hand drilling, installing rope pumps, and an irrigation scheme.

Since 2016, we have installed more than 50 water pumps, reaching more than 100,000 people!

This is a huge undertaking for us – it can take up to a week to hand-drill a borehole depending on the geological conditions. But there is never any doubt as to whether it is worth it – seeing all the people we reach and the way we can help improve their lives by providing clean and safe water is incredible!

With the pumps we have installed, we have reduced walking hours to collect water by 90%. We have reduced waterborne diseases especially diarrhoea to students and community families as they are no longer using contaminated water from streams and ponds. School attendance has improved – especially for girls – thus improving grades. They have also improved sanitation and hygiene.

Lalambe Village

After the success of our last clean water campaign with Kwanda, we were proud to work with this amazing organisation once again to bring clean water to another community.

This project brought clean and safe water to Lalambe village, where the 13,000 people in the Nyamnyinya hamlet would have to collect their water from Ruchugi stream 5km away. Walking to and from the stream, queuing for water, then carrying it back home can take over three hours a day.
Effective technique of hand-drilling a borehole and installing a hand-made water pump to give access to clean and safe water for the community.

Titye Secondary School

The 486 students of Titye secondary school and more than 1200 locals would have to walk up to 2.3km a day to reach the stream, queue, and then walk back again to collect their water. This could take over two hours a day.

With the generous help of Kwanda and their £1,500 funding, MVG were able to purchase the equipment they needed to hand-drill a borehole 30 metres into the ground, and to make and install a water pump.