Amount of grant approved (£) : 4,000

Year of grant : 2019

In 2019, following a visit to Kaseke Secondary school in Kigoma Region we allocated them a grant of £4,000 to help renovate the unfinished hostel building. This was generously funded by the W F Carter family Trust. Following this we provided additional funds to connect to the Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) as well as internal fittings and mattresses.

This meant that girls in the hostel can now read, study and socialise in the evenings and move safely round the school grounds after dark. The girls staying in the hostel achieve a far better attendance record in school, avoid often long and dangerous daily journeys to and from school and share social time together with activities and clubs.

This is an example of an ambitious project with generous multi funding support, cooperation from our local representative, Evelyn Leonard, the new Headteacher, Samoro Kabembo, support from project officers and generous donors, resulting in a positive outcome for the future for girls’ education at Kaseke school.