Amount of grant approved (£) : 1,896

Year of grant : 2020

This is an ongoing project funded via donations through Global Giving to support schools with access to second hand laptops, projectors and raspberry pi computers with downloaded content such as Khan Academy and Wikipedia. It is also piloting content from Smart-School Tanzania and organising English conversation lessons via Videoconferencing.

Many of the schools we work with have been using Shule Direct for a long time. In many schools there are no maths or science teachers.  Access to resources like Shule Direct and Khan Academy is then very useful, even if teachers are only able to access it on their phones. Furthermore, many schools do not have good enough connectivity to access online resources – it is through generous donations we have been able to purchase licences for Shule Direct offline use, and more, to help these students at school.

You can follow further updates to this project at our Global Giving page.