Year of grant : 2022


The main objective of this project is to increase access to clean and safe water for Murutabo villagers in Ngara district- Kagera region.

Specifically, there are four desired results:

  1. Increased water supply;
  2. Increased use of clean and safe water in households.
  3. Households adopt practices and safe water.
  4. The village water committee works effectively to manage water points.

Interviews, observations, site visits and project meetings were the methods used to evaluate project activities.

What emerged was a good level of collaboration between the beneficiaries and all stakeholders, such as village leaders, village water committee members, Rural Water and Sanitation Authority (RUWASA) and KAPECEDEFO technicians during the implementation of project activities.

And for the future? The village water committee convened a meeting with the community and agreed that each able household will contribute Tshs 2,000/= annually to meet maintenance costs of the water point infrastructures. The households who will fail to contribute that amount will do general cleanness of the water points. On the other hand, any community member who will sabotage the water point infrastructure deliberately will cover all the maintenance cost alone.

Read the full report here.