female genital mutilation

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TDT’s new Virgin Money Giving Accounts

TDT has opened new donation pages with Virgin Money Giving, enabling easy, low-cost donations to TDT’s general funds, to support TDT campaigns for girls’ hostels and water, or to contribute to the fight against FGM


Awards for two TDT Local Reps!

Congratulations to TDT local reps Rhobi Samwelly and Benedicto Hosea, who this week both received significant awards recognising their work.


Rhobi Samwelly on BBC Storyville

We encourage all our members and friends to watch, and spread the word on Defying the Cutting Season, part of BBC4’s Storyville series. It will air at 10.30pm on Tuesday, 26th February.


Rhobi Samwelly in NY, Ottawa

Rhobi Samwelly has been spreading the word globally of her fight against FGM. Most recently she was honoured in the Senate of Canada. But with a constant stream of girls needing saving and caring for, the need for funding is constant.
Here’s how you can help.


In the Name of Your Daughter: Premiere Report

Julian Marcus, Tanzania Development Trustee and former Chairman, reports on the outstanding reception for the international première of In The Name of Your Daughter at CPH:DOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.


In The Name Of Your Daughter – Copenhagen Premiere

‘In the Name of Your Daughter’, a documentary film about the work of Rhobi Samwelly and the Mugumu Safe House, will have its international première at CPH:DOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, in March.


How maps are helping prevent FGM

Maps of rural Tanzania are helping social workers access remote villages and rescue girls who are being forced to undergo female genital cutting. Here’s a great video, and how you can help.


Mapping the Fight against FGM in Mara

Making the connection between maps and the fight against FGM. We want to ensure that girls in remote villages are protected. But without maps, it is very hard to ensure all villages are covered. The Openstreetmap project offers an answer…

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