Tanzanian Affairs

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Tanzanian Affairs is an influential news and current affairs magazine, issued three times a year by the Britain Tanzania Society, and circulated to its members.

Since its first issue in December 1975, Tanzanian Affairs has covered all main economic, political, social and other developments in Tanzania. It is also highly valued for its reviews of books and other publications relating to Tanzania.

Tanzanian Affairs attracts many influential writers. Its talented and experienced editorial team has been led since 1984 by David Brewin.

On the occasion of its 100th issue in September 2011, President Kikwete wrote a congratulatory message, which included the following:

“For us in Tanzania, it is another moment to thank you for the good work you have been doing over many years of telling the Tanzanian story. The “Tanzanian Affairs” Bulletin has been writing reports about Tanzania that are well researched and presented ‘without mixing fact and opinion’ as Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the first President of Tanzania, said in 1994. You have done justice to your readers in Britain, Tanzania and elsewhere by being analytical and objective in your work.”

Tanzanian Affairs’ web site is a wonderful resource, containing not only up-to-date publications, but also a searchable database of most past issues, and PDF copies back to issue 1.

Recent News from Tanzanian Affairs

  • TA ISSUE 127

    September 1, 2020

    General Election 2020 Coronavirus Development Challenge Obituaries – Mkapa, Augustino Ramadhani, Augustine Mahiga, Mark Bomani, Iddi Simba, Job Lusinde, Annar Cassam A pdf of the issue can be downloaded here


    August 31, 2020

    by Ben Taylor General election looms large With Presidential and Parliamentary elections scheduled for 28th October 2020, the political atmosphere has been tense over recent weeks and months. President Magufuli of the ruling CCM party is seeking re­election for a second five-year term that, under the current constitution, will be his final term. He is […]


    August 31, 2020

    By Ben Taylor Prayers answered? In the four months that have passed since the last issue of Tanzanian Affairs, Tanzania has defeated the Coronavirus. There have been no new infections and no deaths reported since early May – the only country in the world for which this is the case. President Magufuli has declared victory. […]


    August 31, 2020

    by Roger Nellist Tanzania generates first wind power In June 2020, in an important first step for Tanzania, a wind farm in Mufindi District generated 0.8 MW of electricity in test production. The wind plant has been developed by the Rift Valley Energy Group (RVEG) and consists of three large wind turbines which, when fully […]