Working with communities in Tanzania since 1975

Over the past 40 years Tanzania Development Trust has changed the lives of thousands of people in Tanzania’s poorest communities by helping provide clean water, agricultural support, education, solar power, healthcare, and new and improved livelihoods.
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Supporting the work of TDT

In addition to donating to Tanzania Development Trust's general work, you can help in the following specific 'campaigns', each of which has its own dedicated fund raising page:

Bringing clean water to Kigoma

Help bring clean water to villages, transforming lives of villagers who carry water very long distances, wasting hours every day, and combatting health problems associated with often having to take water from muddy ponds shared with animals.

Tanzania Development Trust's local rep in Kigoma, Benedicto Hosea and his team, has successfully hand drilled over 15 boreholes and constructed simple rope pumps that can easily be repaired by the villagers.  You can help extend this low-cost, effective solution to more villages:

DONATE to bring clean water to a village in Kigoma.
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Income generating projects

Over the years we have seen first-hand how relatively small amounts of money, invested well, can transform the lives of women living in extreme poverty, by allowing them to start small village businesses.  This is particularly true when coupled with appropriate business training and ongoing coaching by our dedicated local reps.  Success not only transforms the income of the women and their families, it also has a huge impact on their confidence and status.

DONATE to help us support more income generating projects
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Girls' Hostels

Building hostels for girls in secondary schools is an essential tool in combatting issues that prevent many girls from completing secondary education. At an individual level, this enhances girls' life opportunities, And it is good for Tanzania as a whole, since educating girls benefits society more broadly.

DONATE to help us give more girls a safe place to live and study
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Join the fight against FGM

TDT has been active in the important fight against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) and the wider campaign against forced early marriage and gender based violence (GBV) since 2014.

To donate:
More on TDT's work in combatting FGM...

Latest News

  • Crowd2Map 5th Anniversary - Five years ago, Crowd2Map led an entirely volunteer-driven campaign to map uncharted villages in rural Tanzania. Teams have trained a global community of over 14,000 mappers to outline buildings and roads from satellite images. After maps are verified by their online community, volunteers on the ground include any locally known sites. They then educate their communities on how to read and print maps to promote economic development, education, and girls’ rights. Since 2015, Crowd2Map volunteers have mapped over 4.5 million buildings. These maps have empowered a wealth of communities. Zeze, a local village with around 9,000 people, was not on...
  • Tanzania Development Trust at 45 - In 1975, close advisors of the first Tanzanian president envisioned global engagement that would increase mutual understanding and cooperation between Tanzania and the United Kingdom. They launched the Britain Tanzania Society and its development arm Tanzania Development Trust to strategize and fund programs that would uplift communities facing extreme poverty, gender inequality, and resource disparity. With full commitment and continued tenacity, Trust volunteers have made remarkable strides over the past 45 years. Clean Water Rural regions in Tanzania are often deprived of reliable water and sanitation facilities. Government-sponsored infrastructures predate Tanzania’s independence, but water committees are unable to sustain funding...
  • Tanzania Development Trust at 45 – an overview and lessons learnt - You are invited to an online event on Saturday 28th November 2020 when we celebrate 45 years of the Tanzania Development Trust, present an overview and discuss lessons we have learnt over that time.
  • Project enterprise at Ikondo Secondary School - Video update of the project enterprise at Ikondo Secondary School.
  • Britain-Tanzania Society AGM - Thank you to those who attended our Annual General Meeting. If you missed our online AGM this year, you can listen to the recording and view the presentations by clicking on this post.
  • Christmas Cards and Notelets - Christmas Cards and Notelets are available to order.  Card sales last year helped to fund Covid-19 resources, solar power for schools and clinics, women’s income generating projects, rope pumps, low cost bore holes and support for Hope for Girls and Women, Tanzania. Let's help even more people's lives in 2021.
  • Annual Review 2020 - The Annual Review for 2019-2020 is now available, summarising the work funded across 31 core projects and Covid-19 emergency projects supported by TDT. 
  • Marumba Village Projects Update - This joint development project between TDT/EU Can Aid, Marumba village and African Palms, near the Mozambique border in Mtwara region, has already so far delivered 2 new classrooms with solar panels, a borehole, dispensary support with solar power and fridge, tree planting and bee keeping projects.
  • Covid-19 Funding Update - Thanks to the generosity of BTS members and other friends of Tanzania we have so far sent over £12,000 to 27 different hospitals and health centres across Tanzania, to enable them to buy locally made reusable masks, gowns and aprons for their front line health workers.
  • Fund urgent COVID medical equipment - We have launched a new emergency appeal for urgent medical equipment needed by hospitals in Tanzania to deal with the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.  Please read the article 'Fund urgent COVID medical equipment: Why we need your help'.

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Girls' Hostels

group of girls at hostel in tanzania

Girls' Hostels is a priority area for TDT. Our grants to schools for hostels have a profound impact on girls' education and wellbeing, and reduce drop-outs due to pregnancies.

Learn more, and how you can help give more girls a bright future...

Water Projects

elderly beneficiary of TDT water project

"I think this tank will add my days of living. I am able to get enough water to cook food and drink every day from the tank. Before this tank, I used to go begging for water from my neighbours – sometimes I got a regret".
Mrs Resi, Kikanzi Hamlet Ihembe II Village.

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Apply For Funds

snapshot of TDT application form

First, read our Funding Guidelines carefully.  If your project fits within these Guidelines, you can download our Application Form.

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Agriculture, education, health and water projects

Every pound raised is spent on projects

Tanzania Development Trust is unlike most charities.

Our projects are carefully researched and clearly defined, and make a sustainable and tangible difference to some of Tanzania's poorest communities.  Our Project Officers and local representatives often visit remote areas, off the beaten track for most charities and agencies.   We've been doing this for more than 40 years.

And we have no expenses:  every pound that you donate will be spent on projects.

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