Marumba Village celebrates the opening of the new Maternity Ward and is captured by ITV News.

2 years in; A joint development project between TDT/EU Can Aid and Marumba village in Mtwara region, has so far delivered 2 new classrooms with solar panels, a borehole with pump and plentiful water, dispensary support with solar power and fridge, a tree planting scheme and bee keeping income generation project, all overseen by TDT Local representative Linus Buriani. Here together with the DMO, District Nurse and TDT/EU Can Aid we were witness to the opening ceremony of the latest project, a new Maternity ward building as well as two toilets for staff at the school. These were captured by reporters from ITV news as well as the Daily News and shown/published the next day. The village has a really positive atmosphere. Present projects are refurbishing an old classroom and building a small kindergarten. The project has one more year to run.

Some interesting facts from this partnership:

  • Visiting Ward Primary schools have been using the school due to its better facilities, in extended camps to prepare for their exams and the Ward has moved to second in the District as a result.
  • At least 20% of the patients at the dispensary have come across the border/Ruvuma river from Mozambique.
  • In the top 10 diseases treated at the Dispensary with 1,086 people Malaria comprises 75% of cases treated, followed by respiratory problems 384, Diarrhoea without rehydration 172