An Update from our representative Alpha Ngailla.

In making our chicken project more productive and meet our projections of helping and supporting more identified girls from poor families, and some boys. At 31st March 2021, with a financial support from Mama Janet Chapman, I visited Aseri’s chicken farm at Misenyi-Kagera. I found a very huge and interesting project of farming and growing Azola and maggot that contains the highest vitaimin for chicken feeding. Farming of maggot and Azola reduces the costs spend for chicken feeding. 

It was my first time to learn and being exposed in this new technology of farming maggot. It was a fruitful visit due to the fact I was I had an opportunity of learning various methods and skills of improving our project at Ikondo Secondary school. After getting back from Aseri’s farm with the fund received from mama Janet Chapman , we first started  by preparing a pond for growing Azola, as the photos show.

Many thanks to Tanzania Development Trust, for supporting us in our chicken project. We have started harvesting Azola.  By mixing Azola with chickens feeds will help us reduce the costs for chicken’s feeds. By the end of the month we will be in a better position to know how much we have saved from buying chickens feeds. We are looking forward also to start producing maggot. 

Generated profit from selling eggs and chickens helps us afford to buy girls basic needs, like school uniforms, paying their monthly contribution for science teachers, paying costs for the cook and costs for their porridge while at school.

Mwl. Alpha Richard Ngailla (Mentor)

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