A chicken is hugely beneficial for local Tanzanians; increasing food security by providing eggs, increasing income generation by selling surplus eggs, and providing chicks to expand their flock. They have also aided students by teaching them about entrepreneurship.

The chicken you purchase will go to Ikondo school’s chicken project. By doing so, you will be making an incredible difference to the lives of Ikondo’s students.



The chicken you purchase will go to Ikondo school chicken project. This means that you will be helping to give the students more nutritious food which will also help their studies, helping the school increase their income, and providing so many teaching opportunities for Ikondo’s students.

When you purchase a good gift from the Tanzania Development Trust, you’re making a vital donation to aid those most in need in Tanzania. As a result of purchasing a chicken you’re helping people develop sustainable living by:

  • Increasing food security,
  • Increasing income generation,
  • Providing lessons for students on entrepreneurship,
  • A chicken’s droppings can make great compost for crops, helping their agriculture, too!