April 2024

Our photo competition shines a light on some amazing successes from the last month. Entrepreneurship and education, boreholes and biochar, TDT and its partners have been busier than ever.  Which is your favourite success story?

Let us know what you think via social media by tagging us and using the hashtag #TDTPhotoComp!


(1) Sorting waste cassava husks to make biochar, Kigoma

Local partner MVG is making biochar from crop waste, which mixed with animal dung not only captures carbon from the atmosphere, but greatly increases crop yields. Read more here.

(2) Laying irrigation pipes, Dodoma

Deaf students at Matumbulu Vocational Training Centre help lay irrigation pipes so they can expand their food production and improve their diet. Learn more about this project here.

(3) Entrepreneurship Programme, Kigoma

Astrida is a student in  MVG’s entrepreneurship program, here she demonstrates how poor cultural briefs and traditions affect girls’ success and how she has overcome them to build her confidence.

(4) Entrepreneurship Programme, Kigoma

Fibi is a form one dropout. She felt getting married was her only route out of poverty but after building her confidence via this entrepreneurship training she is starting a tailoring business.

(5) Collecting water, Kigoma

Children at Mvugwe Primary School have to collect water from this dirty pond, as do many schoolchildren in rural Tanzania. Once funds allow we will fund a low cost borehole to bring clean water to their school. Read more about our water projects here.

(6) Sewing machines for women’s group, Dodoma

Patrick, our local rep for Dodoma and director of the Deaf Ministry, hands over sewing machines for a women’s group we funded. These will boost their income and enable them to make school uniforms for their community. Read more about our income-generating projects here.

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