One of our priorities is getting access to clean and safe water for rural communities. We know that having this access to water is a fundamental human right – but this is one that so many people still do not have.

Too many communities still have to walk many kilometres a day to collect their water from a dirty pond, leaving people vulnerable to various diseases. This walk can also often be fraught with dangers.

Furthermore, this is often the duty of women and girls, thereby widening the inequalities they face.

One of our local representative’s, Benedicto Hosea of Mboni ya Vijana (MVG), has perfected an effective but low-cost technique of hand-drilling a borehole many metres into the ground, and installing a hand-made water pump. This provides clean and safe water all year round for the communities.

MVG have had numerous successes at installing these water pumps. Some examples can be seen in our work with Kwanda, where MVG successfully installed a water pump for Titye and Lalambe, as well as the pump they were able to install at Ntamya after our Christmas campaign. But we still have many more communities that we need to help. So we will be repeating our Big Give campaign this year from 29th November for 1 week to raise money for 10 more village wells. Read about our success last year here and please help us by donating here if you can.