Ikondo School have set up a number of income generating schemes to support the girls in hostel whose parents cannot afford to contribute the food they need, and to pay for science teachers.  They already have a successful chicken project, and are also growing bananas in their farm.

In January 2022 they set up a uniform shop which in the first sixth months has generated £1,944,000, mostly in January and February when the new Form 1’s buy their uniforms.

This has been used as follows:

1) £1,200,000 paid to part time Science teacher over 5 months.

2) 5 hostel girls supported with £450,000

3) Free uniform given to selected low income families so their children do have to drop out of school. (Identifying these students is from a range of sources which builds up a picture of who the most needy are)

4) Generally lower prices for parents overall

5) Some items being made by TDT sponsored tailors

Future plans: presently they sell cloth for skirts and trousers:- next they plan to bring in a tailor on site to make these to order as students are measured up.

You can read more about Ikondo here.