Report: Project 912 Mdughuyu Primary School Kitchen

Application received after Chairs’ visit to the school in Jan 2023 as part of partnership with Eucanaid Local Representative Hamza Rajabu

The need

As part of TDT/Eucanaid partnership to support Mdughuyu village for 3 years, we are planning to support the Primary school. Currently, attendance is very low (60-80%) in the first 4 months of 2023; in part due to no food being given at school.

Village leaders and headteacher have identified the need for a kitchen and parents have agreed to supply food once kitchen is in place. The school is 3 km from the village and presently there is no teacher living there. However, this should change soon with a teachers house mostly completed.

The parents have agreed to give porridge to their pupils and they are ready to contribute food during their harvest on May 2023.


To provide the school with a simple kitchen with rocket stove and store before this May 2023. This hopes to motivate students’ enrolment, reduce lateness and dropout while also improving student’s concentration, involvement in classroom tasks and classroom management. This plans to benefit 390 pupils and counting.

Specific objectives are:

1. Pupils enrolment increased by 25% by 2023

2. 50% reduced school drop outs by 2023

3. 50% increased school attendance by 2023

4. Improved school performance and school lifted from been the last performing school in Mwaru ward.

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  • Building began in March 2023. There were severe obstacles in bringing the materials to the site due to extensive flooding. April 2023 the builders were making good progress on completing the building and visited by TDT Project officer.
  • May 2023 The kitchen was completed.
  • June 2023 parents provided food from their harvest which is stored on the site.
  • July 2023 the first meals were provided. Previously no food was provided at school.


Local contribution: TZ 430,000/-

TDT funds of TZ  3,709,000/- were sent out 02/23 

The cost of the kitchen includes a store room due to the distance the school is from the village and the present lack of teachers living on site.

See full project details here.

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