March 2024

This month, our photo competition highlights the best of the best! From creating sustainable biochar, inspiration reading sessions, the joys of accessing water, harvesting crops to special yoga sessions, this month has seen it all. Which is your favourite success story?

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(1) Collecting waste to make biochar, Kigoma

Local partner MVG are making biochar from crop waste, which mixed with animal dung not only captures carbon from the atmosphere, greatly increases crop yields. Read more here.

(2) Accessing water, Kigoma

Children drawing water at Nyangwa Primary School. Learn more about our water projects  here.

(3) Harvesting Chinese crop, Kigoma

Villagers in Zeze harvest a bumper crop of Chinese to help improve nutrition as well as boost income

Learn more about this project here.

(4) Young mothers, Tabora

Young mothers excluded from education due to pregnancy get a second chance at learning at Tumaini Open School. Here they are learning yoga online with Hassania Sadek, a specialized maternity teacher based in UAE. Read more about this project here.

(5) Celebrating new pump, Kigoma

Children at Mgandazi Primary School celebrating having water on site. Previously they had to carry it from a stream 2 km away. Read more about our water projects here.

(6) Children reading, Kigoma

Children at Hope Centre in Kigoma enjoying a reading session. Learn more about our education priorities here.

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